Welcome to Toyger Cattery Amairin!

A small Cattery based in The Netherlands.

About Cattery Amairin

Cattery Amairin is a small Cattery located in The Netherlands. Since the 80s we breed cats and dogs. In all these years we had and were able to discover different breeds. Since about 4 years we are in the possession of Toygers where we breed beautiful mini tigers through good selection and health.

The cats live with us in the living room where they grow up with our sweet dog (a Rhodesian Ridgeback). Males have their own accommodation with us where they can stay both indoors and outdoors, plus a large garden where they can run and play provided there is no curly cat walking. Our Toygers grow up in the midst of us into beautiful healthy mini tigers with a lot of love, time and attention.

About Toyger

At the end of the 80s, a cat breeder Judy Sugden (American) was working on improving a coat pattern of her cats. She noticed that in 2 cats there was a round pattern on their head, which is not normally common in a domestic cat. The stripe drawing was already present; this turned out to be the starting shot of a designer cat: the Toyger. The name Toyger already says a lot about the appearance of the breed -> Toy and Tiger = Toyger. In 1983, the Toyger became a recognized breed by The International Cat Association (TICA). Our cats are bred to the TICA standard.

Character of the Toyger

The Toyger is a human-centered cat. Very smart, affectionate, love to learn tricks with a calm character. It is even possible to teach them to walk on a leash. The Toyger is a friendly breed to owners, children and other animals.


Our breeding animals are checked with the best possible care by a veterinarian and tested for various diseases before they are allowed to breed. These tests consist of:

  • FiV (Cataids)
  • FeLV (Cat Leukemia)
  • DNA (these include the testing of the most common diseases and abnormalities such as PKDeF / PRA).

These tests are carried out by the Van Hearingen Lab in Wageningen.

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